Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday 10-16-17

Vocab Check
Chapter 2 Test - please do not click link until instructed to do so
AM Pre-Test or PM Pre-Test
- join class with code: U2PH45DW
- design goal: create a boat that can hold the most pennies
   - a walk-through of helpful hints can be found on the "learn" page, under "projects"

Read Section 4.1

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday 10-12-17

Warm Up - Why is it important for engineers to use the Engineering Design Process when creating new technology?
Review Homework 
Progress Reports Returned
Variables and Controls – Part 2
“Post Test” for Chapter 1 (link) and Chapter 2 (AM link) (PM link)
Practice Test (link)
Vocab Review (link)

Review the vocab words in a way that is meaningful to you
Study for your test

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday 10-10-17

Warm Up - You know that sea otters eat sea urchins and that sea urchins eat kelp. You ask, “What would happen to this ecosystem if all the kelp died?”
- What is a possible hypothesis you could make?
- How could you test your hypothesis?
Review Homework 
Scientific Method Quiz (AM link) (PM link)
Science and Technology – Guided Notes
Controls and Variables Practice
Engineering Design Process Task

Finish Controls and Variables

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday 10-9-17

Warm Up - A student wants to see which type of oil will make the crispiest French fries.
- What is the independent/manipulated variable in her experiment?
- What is the dependent/responding variable?
- Name two variables that must be controlled.
Review Homework 
Investigation 2B
Section 2.3

Section 2.3
- Read section 2.3
- Answer review questions
   Pg. 47
   Problems 1-4

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday 10-5-17

Warm Up - Identify the independent/manipulated variable in the following: (write them down)
- How does caffeine affect heart rate?
- If you increase the amount of protein in your diet, your muscle mass will increase.
- What is the effect of cookie dough sales on the school’s bank account?
Review Homework/Talk about yesterday
AM – Run your experiment
PM – Scientific Method Notes

Finish Formal Lab Report

From Investigation manual, page 11

Wednesday 10-4-17

Chapter 2.1
- Read
- Complete review questions
- tutorials
- exploration

Finish Chapter 2.1 Review
Page 39
Problems 1-6

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday 10-3-17

Warm Up – Get your chromebook and get the two handouts on the cart
Formal Lab Report: Prelab write-up
Begin Scientific Method Guided Notes

Warm Up – Get chromebook if typing your lab
Set up lab experiment
Collect data
Lab Review Survey

AM - Finish prelab writeup

PM - Work on postlab